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Workout Super Stack

Workout Super Stack


£48 – should be £65, you save £17. That's a 25% saving

  • Pre-Energiser – (caffeine or non-caffeine) – 600g
  • BCAA Workout Energiser – Lemon 300g
  • Super Whey Protein (Chocolate or Strawberry) – 454g
  • 700ml Shaker 

Our Super Workout Stack has everything you need to take your training to the next level.

Our great tasting, effectively dosed Pre-Energiser will give you the perfect lift before you lift. And our Workout Energiser has BCAAs and electrolytes to help prevent muscle breakdown and keep you hydrated so you can train big and recover fast.

Finally, The Power of Me Super Whey Protein is perfect for post-workout recovery and muscle growth so you can comeback stronger, leaner and fitter!

And as well as great saving, we’ll also throw in a The Power of ME protein shaker or bottle too!